Saturday, January 29, 2011

Silly Valentines

New Etsy Listings:

Valentine Love Angel

Be Mine Valentine

I've been having way to much fun with Valentines! I have always tried to avoid creating for the Spring Holidays but having a couple silly days did help. I'm in hopes they will make smile...laugh or maybe alittle giggle ;)


Flora said...

AWWWW So cute!!!Especially the bottom one!!! Almost as cute as my Santa on motorcycle!!!Thanks bunches Lisa!!!

Flora said...

Lisa , I don't know why I wrote Santa on motorcycle I meant reindeer !!!DUH!!!! He is such a character and too cute!!!

LLA Creations said...

Maybe the reindeer is Santa's Harley! I'm so glad you like the carving and it arrive in good condition. Happy Valentines day!