Friday, September 9, 2011

Ya Wanna Dance - Halloween Wood Carving

It's almost time for the Sept Release for Pfatt Market Place!

I've been working on this 2 point cypress knee carving for almost a year and it's done! The Knee was easy to see a witch and frankie but to carve it was whole different story.

I've never worked with a cypress knee so tough and full of knots and grain going in all different directions. It was a challenge and I hope never to have another one again like this. I thought about taking this knee and seeing if I could hit the trash can with it from my carving table a couple times! (OK alot of times)

Hope you enjoyed the carving and I enjoy it being done and not in the trash can :)

Happy Fall to all!


maddyrose said...

I'm so glad you decided not to toss this piece as it really brought a smile to my face. It's one of the cutest carvings I've ever seen. What a darling couple.

LLA Creations said...

Happy Halloween!
I'm glad you like the carving, it's one project that haunted me for a year!

Sheryl Parsons said...

How cute is this?! Love the way they are looking at each other. Well done!

LLA Creations said...

Thanks for stopping in and glad you like the carving!