Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Halloween Witch with a twist

Lamp Witch 5x by LLA Creations
Meet the only happy go lucky Witch in the Village!
As if you can’t tell she’s ready to celebrate Halloween being Happy….how unusual for a Witch and how lucky for the rest of us on Halloween Eve!

The Witch head and arms are carved, painted and sealed. Body and hat is a repurposed oil lamp that has black paint dry brushed on it. I added Halloween embellishments and white wool for the hair to the wood carving and lamp to bring out the true holiday spirit of Halloween

New Etsy Listing:

Still having fun repurposing vintage findings!

Have a great and creative week my Blogland friends:)


maddyrose said...

She does look happy!

LLA Creations said...

Thank you!
Sometimes I'm thinking of how I want a face and it just turns the opposite.
Have a great weekend:)

Dede said...

She is wicked wonderful! Love her eyes!


LLA Creations said...

Thanks Dede!
So glad your back:)