Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WIP 1st Skeleton Wooden Dutch Shoe Done

The first Skeleton Wood Dutch Shoe is done!  Will be working on the other one next week.
This was alot of fun trying to get the effect I wanted. 

He had such a big mouth I decided a nasty devil bat should be flying around in his mouth.  That why his eyes are bugged out!
The end till the other shoe is done!  I love this repurposing it's like a puzzle, you know that you like it then you bring it home.  Now you look at it and look at it till you decide what it's going to be!
Happy Creating everyone in Blog Land:)


Diane said...

this is one of the most clever and coolest pieces I have ever seen!

You go girl!!! :)

take care,

maddyrose said...

OMG! Lisa, I love this wooden shoe skellie. He's absolutely enchanting and totally awesome!

LLA Creations said...

Thanks! I have not painted to many Skeletons before. I'm so glad you like the guy:)