Saturday, January 30, 2010

Etsy New Listings 01-30-2010

Spring is on my mind and I’m really ready for it! The carvings were designed to add alittle bit of HuMoR for the outside and inside.

So, if you have the time stop by my shop!
Etsy Shop:


I’m a new member of Magical Holiday Artists (MHA)
If you type in MHA on ETSY and search for handmade you can see all the great designs by this group of talented Artists
you can go to the blog site:

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corinne said...

The frog is hysterical, LOVE him! I have been trying to answer your email since the weekend and it keeps getting returned to me. I will talk to our internet guy today and see if I can get it figured out so that I can get those pics to you : ).
great work!