Thursday, January 17, 2013

WIP – Santa and Skeleton Heads

Finally got back to the shop and trying to clean up all my left over Santa carvings from 2012 and the shop itself.


On my last 4 Santa’s to paint….Yeah!
I can’t seem to get Halloween out of my system so, I have this pair of wooden Dutch shoes I picked up awhile back and told myself after Christmas I can have some fun with them. This is where I got my ambition from to complete the Santa’s from 2012.

Everybody in Blog Land I hope all your Holidays were magical and your New Year is off to a great start.  Happy Creating!


Diane said...

Love the Santa's !

Those freakin dutch shoes/skellies are the coolest things I ever did see!!!

I love Halloween too :)

Have great weekend,


maddyrose said...

Great Santas and scary shoes! What a fun place to visit. Be careful you don't do too much cleaning. :0)

LLA Creations said...

No problem about the cleaning thing! Thanks for stopping in:)