Saturday, August 4, 2012

WIP Santa Sets

It's great doing one of a kind work!  Never doing the same thing over and over.  Here's just some of the stuff I've been working on.

This is my Fun Santa set.  Carvings  need more detail and sanding then let the painting begin!

I had some wood turnings made out of white pine and found them back again and decided to make a different style of Santa.  This set is in the painting process.
I seem to get bored easy and I must have been really bored when I painted this set of Santas. 
I really do think Santa gets bored himself wearing the same Red and White robe all the time.  So I decided to help him out when I can:)
I've decided not to sell on my blog site for now but I'm working on Halloween Project for a giveaway soon.  Now at the end of my ramblings good old Mother Nature decided to be kind to us today!       RAIN   RAIN   Rain :)


maddyrose said...

Love them all!!! Your Santas are always so much fun. I agree that Santa needs to expand his wardrobe with a variety of colors and styles. ;o}

LLA Creations said...

Maddy thanks for stopping in! Glad you think Santa needs to expand his colors:)