Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Carving-2 Point Cypress Knee Ring

Santa Carving-Activities of Santa
This carving is unique in so many ways. First it’s a 2 point cypress knee ring and it has several scenes that are carved all around the carving. So I have tried to take pictures of the carving so you could understand.
I've had this Cypress Knee Ring for over a year and then the right day came and I could see what all the points and bumps were going to be! Have you ever had a piece that you were going work on but didn't know what to do with? Well this is one of the many in my shop that I knew I had to have to create something with but had no idea what. With that being said this puzzle is done and I have more to go.....Fun!

Have a great week!

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maddyrose said...

This is a fantastic carving. I love it from every angle. Your work is amazing.