Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Santa WIP’s

Working on some more Santa’s! 
First one is the most exciting to me!  The two pieces of found wood just seemed right from the get go even before I start to clean them up before carving.  This is a once in life time I pick out two pieces and it comes together just as I envisioned it.
Second Santa is the wood mallet from a potato ricer; I found this gem on one of my trips.  Has anybody ever used one of these?  I never have and since I carved a Santa out of the mallet I probably never will!
This is a group of Santa’s that are ready to be sealed up.
Well that’s it for now.  Have a great week and happy creating!


maddyrose said...

Looks like you've been very busy and creative. I love how you can look at a piece of wood and something clever and amazing happens. My folks had a potato ricer that only got used on Thanksgiving. I really like what you've done with yours.

LLA Creations said...

I think the same for your dolls it's always amazing what you come up with!
The potato ricer info is great and I had no idea of the what-when-why!