Sunday, October 30, 2011

HaPpY HallOwEen

Hope everyone is enjoying this Fun Holiday and taking a little break from creating! I love being involved in Blog Land the creations you talented people have are great!
Shop Update:
I’ve had so much fun trying to do some more Halloween carvings this year and to get in mood I’ve added some fun to the shop! I’m in hopes by next year to spend some time in the shop just painting the walls and making it a fun place to be. It is just hard to be in the shop and not play!
The pic’s below are in the paint room!
This is the left over mess from doing Halloween!
My parents gave me this sign and it is exactly that Play House
Halloween left over ….sometime I’ll finish the carving and maybe even paint it.
Of course this is my favorite sign and is soooo true.
Now in the wood shop area this is my Grandmother’s Kitchen Cupboard that I’ve saved for along time and found the perfect spot for! She was the Queen of all Holidays so it just seems fitting to put my unpainted carvings in.
This is what was taped inside….my Grandparents farmed and Grandma could bake like no other.

Thank you for taking the time to read and look at this long posting! You guys out in Blog Land inspire me everyday with your posts.

Just lisa

This Monkey is just silly I purchased at an auction!

Monday, October 10, 2011

October Pfatt - I’m going to catch you

Halloween is soooo much FuN to make! I made Raven Fred awhile back and had no idea what to do with him. He looked evil just carved and no paint, so I painted him up and that changed his looks to maybe being silly! Now what's he going to be doing?

Haggie and Raven Fred are out again pestering the Pumpkin Spirits. It seems they never get bored of this tradition the night of Halloween! Of course the Pumpkin Spirit is trying to catch those two pestering pranksters. Will he ever get this done? (He’s been trying for the last 100 years)

That's it for now! "HaPpY Halloween ;]"