Monday, July 22, 2013

New Carvings for Christmas, Halloween and a Chic!

Small Cypress Knee Santa

Made a Santa Doll with a carved head, gloves and boots

Vintage Potato Masher Chic "Sally"

Little Ms Witch - Cypress Knee Carving

Happy Santa Cypress Knee Carving!
I'm getting excited and nervous for it's less than month and half before my shows start!  The other big Bonus of the week is I can see my blog list again and love looking at all the creativity again.  Well hope everyone in blogland is having a good week:)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Please meet Trick and Treat - New Halloween Carving - New Etsy Listing

Its Halloween night and everyone is out Trick or Treating! 
But Haggy took it on step further she brought her two ghouls “Trick” and “Treat” and if Treat comes back with no candy from a house she will send Trick and who knows what he will do!
So, remember to have treats on Halloween night because they could show up at your door.

 Haggy's bad eye matches her personality "Batty"
 The top of the Cypress Knee was a nice big area for a face that just scream WITCH!
 The Cypress Knee had two ridges at the bottom which fit perfect for the two ghouls!
Hope everyone in blogland has a happy 4th of July!