Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Carving-2 Point Cypress Knee Ring

Santa Carving-Activities of Santa
This carving is unique in so many ways. First it’s a 2 point cypress knee ring and it has several scenes that are carved all around the carving. So I have tried to take pictures of the carving so you could understand.
I've had this Cypress Knee Ring for over a year and then the right day came and I could see what all the points and bumps were going to be! Have you ever had a piece that you were going work on but didn't know what to do with? Well this is one of the many in my shop that I knew I had to have to create something with but had no idea what. With that being said this puzzle is done and I have more to go.....Fun!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shop Update and New Stuff

First on the list I wanted share with you is my new way of listening to music in my shop. Our radio stations we can get in are very limited so, my MP3 is my best friend! Until now I’ve either had to use ear buds (hate) or headphones which always seem to get in my way…I’ve gone tech (with help from the young generation) you can hook-up the MP3 to computer speakers! YEAH!

I’ve added a print from Nannyems and it describes exactly how I feel when I’m playing in the shop!
She has a lot of fun prints…check it out!

Here’s some new stuff! Which I’ve been trying to take pictures of and will be on etsy now and in the near future!
Hope everyone in Blogland is having a good day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Giveaway Results!

MaddyRose is the winner and Myrtle can't wait to go to her new home!

MaddyRose can you send me your mailing address Please because Myrtle is in a hurry to go!

Thanks to all who took the time to sign up! Happy Valentines ;)